Webinar | Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

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Patrick Dunn presents equine-assisted psychotherapy as a solution-based approach for treating co-occurring disorders. This specialized approach works with both adolescents and adults in the field of substance abuse, psychological disorders and trauma recovery. As part of this webinar, Patrick will explain equine-assisted psychotherapy techniques as they apply to co-occurring disorders. He will also address the integration of equine-assisted psychotherapy with traditional therapeutic techniques and discuss how this unique treatment can be used in various clinical settings.

Learning Objectives:
Learn about the current treatment to co-occurring disorders
Learn about equine assisted psychotherapy and application of EAP Techniques
Learn how to integrate EAP with rraditional rherapeutic rechniques
Receive resources for EAP in residential, outpatient, and extended care treatment

About the Speaker
Patrick Dunn, MS, ICADC
Equus Therapeutic Services

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Patrick holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and is in the dissertation phase of a PhD in psychology. He has researched, studied and practiced equine-assisted psychotherapy for multiple years. He has worked with both adolescents and adults in the field of substance abuse, psychological disorders and trauma recovery. He practices and has trained others in a variety of experiential therapy techniques and believes in the benefit of using horses in the healing process.

Patrick has also spent over 10 years working with adults and adolescents in a therapeutic environment, and he carries a number of certifications, including Seven Challenges, Recovery Dynamics and EAGALA, among others. Patrick believes in supporting and empowering clients to confront fears, overcome obstacles and reach their goals. He also presents to professional counseling groups and organizations on experiential techniques, solution-based approaches, and identifying trauma survivors. Patrick has a private practice in Nashville, Tenn., and offers mobile equine services in Tennessee and surrounding areas.

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