Solutions Every Day Episode 62: Noticing Small Shifts #Psychotherapy #SolutionFocusedBriefTherapy

Better Brain, Better Game!

I have lived with racial injustice my whole life. But recently, I’ve noticed a small shift. I’ve been getting literally hundreds of emails in my inbox of people talking about privilege and having conversations about going forward. I’ve never had this volume of response before and it warms my heart. Do you have any questions about SFBT? Let me know in the comment section below.👇🏿

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I am an author, lecturer and psychotherapist. I have a private practice in Southlake, TX (Dallas/Fort Worth Area) specializing in using a Solution Focused Approach to work with couples, individuals and families. I have written 4 books, “The Art of Solution Focused Therapy”, “Solution Building in Couples Therapy”, “The Solution Focused Marriage” and co-authored “Solution-Focused Brief Therapy with Clients Managing Trauma”.

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