Tips For RESISTANT Reluctant Teen Clients ~ Counseling Teenage Clients ~ Therapy With Teenagers


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In This Video I cover Counseling Teenage Clients and Therapy with Teenagers, especially teens who are reluctant or resistant to Therapy. This video is for anyone who cares about a teen who may need Therapy. I offer Tips for getting an adolescent to go to Counseling and begin to trust and open up to their Counselor. This video could benefit school counselors, Therapists, or anyone working with teenagers in a Counseling Therapy setting. What can a Counselor do to help teenagers feel comfortable in a Therapy session? Whether one is dealing with Teenager depression or anxiety, or any other mental health issue, it is the Clinicians job to help the Teenage client feel comfortable in the session. Teenage counseling techniques.

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I have been an LMFT (Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist) in the State of California for more than a decade.
This channel is about Mental Health Awareness and Personal Growth.

NOTE: This channel is not a substitute for treatment. If you or someone you know needs counseling, please call your MD and reach out for support, and call 911 if there is a psychiatric emergency. I cannot respond to a mental health crisis via youtube.
This channel is for education, not psychotherapy.
I am a licensed therapist, but I am not YOUR therapist, please find a local professional for help in your area.

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