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It’s becoming more common everyday, finding yourself in a new, difficult, or scary situation, and having severe anxiety or dropping into a depression, and feeling numb.

What can you do when you’re in the heat of the moment, or right before a big meeting or interview? In this video, I explain some of the most helpful techniques I’ve taught my clients over the years.

Therapists, take note of some of the techniques you’ve used before to help clients, and write down some of the ones you think might be most helpful to those whom you’re seeing now. Drop a comment below and share which technique you prefer the most, and if you have others that have proven helpful, COMMENT BELOW!

In this fourth and final video of the Regulating Emotion series, I share some of the most helpful techniques for bringing yourself up or down to optimal levels of emotion.

I am a psychotherapist in Michigan. This channel is dedicated to supporting, and educating my clients, fellow therapists and the general public on relevant topics, theories and techniques in the field of mental health.

I treat adults and teens with Anxiety and Panic Disorders, OCD, Depression and Mood Disorders, Grief, Life Transitions, Relationship Problems, Functional Neurological Disorder, PTSD and Past Traumas.

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I would love to hear your comments and questions below. If you would like your question considered on an upcoming Q & A video, please let me know. Thank you for helping me spread mental health help and education.

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