Psychotherapy’s Knowledge Base Does Not Contribute to Improved Outcomes

This video describes recent research results that have blown away previous assumptions about how therapy works. Therapists fail to improve outcomes due to training, experience, and supervision; psychotherapeutic techniques lack inherent power; and awareness of psychotherapy’s privileged knowledge does not predict client success. These provocative findings are difficult to believe, difficult to explain, and have radical implications for altering training and practice paradigms.

Our first purpose is to review these findings, demonstrate that they are established on solid foundations, and then provide a constructionist explanation for their provocative conclusions. The second purpose is to demonstrate how working with these findings opens the door to a more effective psychotherapy. The third purpose is to specify how these findings can be integrated into a more powerful personal growth model.

This is the fourth video in a five video playlist. It looks at the implications of the no training or experience effects in terms of psychotherapy’s privileged knowledge. Put briefly, knowledge of the books, articles, workshops, trainings and research fail to enhance client outcomes.

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