A Brief History of Psychotherapy

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There are hundreds of different psychotherapeutic models, but a finite number of types of emotional problems. So, for the psychotherapist, it’s always useful to see where we stand in context. In the great scheme of things.

In this video I offer an extremely brief history of the development of psychotherapy. From the magnetic Mesmer and Freud to the Human Givens, I’ve tried to include as many of the big ideas as possible. I also cover cognitive therapy, gaps in cognitive theory, and what I make of the future of therapy.

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00:00 Introduction: A brief history of psychotherapy
01:57 Psychotherapy – the ‘talking cure’
03:19 Sufi literature and the origins of modern psychotherapy
04:10 Counselling and psychotherapy – what’s the difference?
04:58 Changing metaphors for ‘the mind’
05:42 Hysterical hydraulics: ‘Letting off steam’
07:28 Another metaphor: ‘Going deep’
08:52 Electrifying ideas (more metaphors)
09:37 Computers and the human brain
10:40 Franz Mesmer and ‘animal magnetism’
11:28 Sigmund Freud: Psychotherapy gets fixated
13:00 Freud and the metaphorical mind
14:46 More mistakes from Freud
16:23 The rise of behaviourism
17:24 Person-centred counselling (Carl Rogers)
18:50 Is insight in sight?
20:22 Aaron Beck and the birth of cognitive therapy
21:02 Gaps in cognitive theory
22:59 The future of therapy – in search of solutions
23:50 Cutting-edge therapy and being human
25:44 The Human Givens approach
26:33 Closing thoughts on the future of therapy

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