4 Techniques For Getting Clients To Carry Out Your Therapeutic Tasks

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A therapeutic task can make all the difference in helping our client reach the goal of their therapy, but a task must be set up and framed in the right way, to ensure the client takes action.

I’ll share a few quick task-setting case studies in this video, and I’ll share the most dramatic task I ever got a client to agree to complete. Finally I share 4 techniques you can use to get your clients to accept your task suggestions.

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00:00 Introduction
00:42 Kyle’s ocean of possibilities
02:29 A therapeutic task to take back control
03:17 Another therapeutic task example: Enjoy your trip!
05:41 Why ‘prescribing the symptom’ works
06:06 Tip 1. Don’t expect them to ‘buy’ from a stranger
07:05 Tip 2. Build curiosity
08:12 Tip 3. Offer a little so they’ll take a lot
08:53 Tip 4. Offer one hard choice – and a comparatively ‘easy’ alternative

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