3 Vital Reasons to Use Hypnosis in Psychotherapy

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People sometimes ask me why I emphasize the use of hypnosis as a central part of psychotherapy. Hypnosis is often described as ‘alternative’ or ‘complementary’. But as you’ll see in this video, I don’t see the role of hypnosis as peripheral at all.

In fact, I think everyone should understand the role of hypnotic trance both in psychotherapy and everyday life. And so I present to you my top three reasons for using hypnosis as an integral part of psychotherapy.

I explain why, like breathing oxygen, hypnotic trance happens to someone whether they believe in hypnosis or not, why emotional problems are really hypnotic disorders, and how pattern matching works. I also share some interesting research that found CBT has a 70% better success rate why using hypnosis.

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00:00 Introduction
00:21 Why get into the water to swim?
00:31 CBT and hypnosis
00:54 What doing psychotherapy without working with a person’s unconscious mind feels like
01:35 Why should everyone work with trance states?
01:45 1. Trance is natural, and all around us
02:27 Trance is a continuum
03:06 Hypnosis is central to human life
03:53 2. Emotional problems are hypnotic disorders
05:20 What is pattern matching?
07:39 3. We need to look for solutions in the right place
09:17 Why are we doing this?
10:42 We never use hypnosis to ‘discover’ memories
13:53 Summary of 3 reasons to use hypnosis in psychotherapy

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