3 Tips to Help Clients Transcend Their Labels

Framing your whole identity or labeling yourself around some diagnosis can be really damaging. For example, research has found people who think of themselves as being ‘cured’ of something rather than ’in remission’ to be happier, stronger, and they experience less pain.

How do we help our clients feel that they are more than their condition?

In this video I’ll share 3 techniques that help your clients transcend their labels.

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Video highlights:
00:00 Introduction to 3 Therapy Techniques to Help Your Clients Transcend Their Labels
00:17 The ‘recovering alcoholic’ who believed could never recover
00:57 Kennedy’s label
01:22 Framing your whole identity on a diagnosis
02:42 The big difference between ‘cured’ and ‘in remission’
04:08 3 techniques to help clients transcend their labels
04:28 Tip 1. Frame the condition as a behaviour or temporary current state
05:40 Tip 2. Refer to ‘it’ not ‘you’
06:23 Tip 3. Look at life beyond the label


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