Choosing a patient for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy by Dr Neil Jayasingam


Dr. Neil Jayasingam is a former research scholar of the Institute of Psychiatry (Sydney) and Institute of Psychiatry (UK) and specializes in phenomenology and personality disorders in the elderly. In public practice, he is the in-patient clinical lead for an old-age psychiatry service, as well as ECT Clinical Director. He is also the Binational New South Wales Representative for the Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry, a Foundation Accredited Member of the Royal Australian and New Zealand Psychotherapy Faculty, a Clinical Lecturer with Sydney University, and Senior Lecturer with Western Sydney University.

Take-Home Points

• Psychodynamic therapy must be a useful training experience for the therapist as well as leading to some beneficial outcome for the patient.

• Patients with psychotic disorders are usually not motivated enough to respond to psychodynamic therapy.

• Interpretation at the early onset is about identifying a pattern and repeating it back to the patient to see how they respond.

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