Why Children And Teenagers Struggle With Mental Health | Confronting Youth Mental Health Part 1/2

Better Brain, Better Game!

In 2020, the incidence of suicide among those aged 10 to 19 jumped 37.5% from the year before, as Singapore recorded its highest number of deaths by suicide since 2012. A study published in the ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry also revealed that between 2013 and 2018, the number of youths aged 10-24 diagnosed with depression increased four fold – a more rapid increase than other age groups.

Is Generation Z really less resilient than baby boomers, Gen Xers or millennials? How does growing up with social media affect their self-worth and self-image? What makes the teenage brain more susceptible to irrational thoughts and decisions?

CNA Insider reaches out to youths grappling with mental health who share candidly about their struggles with anxiety, depression, self-harm and trauma.

This two-part documentary special explores why mental health problems commonly occur in young people, and why the journey of finding help and healing may not be easy.

(Video produced in partnership with Temasek Foundation, supported by the Institute of Mental Health.)

What’s in this episode:
00:00 Singapore’s growing youth mental health problem
02:22 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
04:05 Is social media to blame for some youths’ low self-worth?
06:53 Parents’ expectations can cause overwhelming stress
10:13 Why the teenage brain makes one susceptible to mental health conditions
11:23 Effects of being bullied in school
12:44 Conflict with sexuality and identity: Minority stress
14:09 Conforming to society’s beauty standard and struggling with an eating disorder
16:24 Sexual harassment and the resulting trauma
18:38 Impact of family violence and abuse
19:36 Youths getting help and tearing down mental health stigma
23:10 Up next: The complicated journey to getting help

WATCH Part 2: Are Young People Getting The Help They Need? A

If you need help:
– Samaritans of Singapore Hotline: 1-767
– Institute of Mental Health Helpline: 6389 2222
– Singapore Association of Mental Health Helpline: 1800 283 7019
– Club HEAL: 6899 3463
– TOUCH Community Services: 6377 0122

To find out more about IMH’s Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT), visit: /

Resource directory on mental health services in Singapore:

Mental health mobile apps:
– CARA Unmask
– Safe Space
– Intellect
– MindFi
– Myloh

Mental health support website: /

You can also find a list of international helplines here: s

If someone you know is at immediate risk, call 24-hour emergency medical services.


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