What Is ADHD?

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what is adhd

Often, when people think about what is ADHD, they picture a child with impulsive and hyperactive behavior. In fact, ADHD is a condition that is highly genetic, and there are a variety of factors that affect how a person’s brain develops. While it is difficult to accurately diagnose ADHD, there are certain symptoms that can be used to spot the condition in a child. Often, the symptoms of ADHD are triggered by life events or medical conditions.

Some children with ADHD have difficulty with social skills, and can find it difficult to make friends. They may also have a hard time finishing simple homework assignments. Other symptoms of ADHD include trouble paying attention, being easily distracted, and having trouble organizing and concentrating. This can cause problems with school and other areas of life. However, there are ways to reduce the symptoms of ADHD and make them more manageable.

When a doctor assesses for ADHD, he or she asks about the child’s behavior. They may also ask about the child’s medical history and school records. They may also conduct a physical exam. They may also review a child’s questionnaires that were filled out by his or her caretakers. The doctor also discusses the child’s symptoms with the child and his or her parents. The doctor may also check for other conditions that may cause symptoms similar to ADHD.

In addition to medical conditions, ADHD can be caused by traumatic life events. If a child is exposed to certain environmental toxins, they may develop ADHD. Similarly, learning disabilities are also known to cause symptoms that look like ADHD. The symptoms of ADHD can also be caused by prenatal substance exposure.

Parents can help their children manage the symptoms of ADHD by providing them with a structured environment. Parents can set up a timer to ensure that their children have time to take a break if they get distracted. They can also reinforce their child’s strengths by praising their work.

Children with ADHD can also have trouble concentrating in a noisy environment. If they are playing a game with other kids, they may become distracted by something that others don’t notice. They may also have trouble waiting for their turn. This could lead to problems with other kids. They may also be criticized by their teachers.

In addition to learning skills to improve organization, children with ADHD may also be prescribed medication. These medications can help control hyperactive behavior and improve attention span. The medications also help with ADHD symptoms by acting on the brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin.

Parents can also help their children control their symptoms by providing them with a healthy diet and enough sleep. They can also reduce the amount of stress in the child’s life. They can also use humor to deflect anxiety. In addition, they should accept the challenges of ADHD and not be overly critical of their children.

Parents of children with ADHD should stay in contact with their healthcare provider. They should also report any changes in their child’s behavior or any medications they are taking. They should also seek out face-to-face support from others.

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