What is ADHD and How Can it Be Treated?

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what is adhd

ADHD affects children and adults alike. The condition causes difficulties in different spheres of life, including school, home, work and social relationships. It affects a person’s ability to focus on tasks and activities, organize their time, and control impulses.

Symptoms of ADHD can develop throughout childhood and adolescence and continue into adulthood, making it hard for people to manage the disorder. But the right treatment can help people get better control over their symptoms and improve their overall health and well-being.

The most common type of ADHD is hyperactive-impulsive ADHD, which is characterized by behaviors such as fidgeting, tapping the hands or feet or squirming in their seats. These behaviors are impulsive, impatient and often interfere with social interactions.

Many people with this type of ADHD take stimulant medicine to control their symptoms. Stimulant medications work by stimulating the brain and can improve attention, focus, and memory. They can also reduce irritability and anxiety.

Some medicines are non-stimulant, which means they don’t affect the brain as quickly. They have less side effects than stimulants and may be more effective for some people with ADHD. They include atomoxetine (Strattera) and others.

When you take medication, you should talk to your doctor about any possible side effects, such as sleep problems or stomachaches. These usually go away after a few days. Your doctor can recommend a lower dose or stop the medicine if you have any negative reactions.

Your doctor can also suggest other treatments, such as psychosocial treatment or counseling, to help you cope with your symptoms. Counseling focuses on changing your thoughts and emotions to improve your behavior and life.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of counseling that helps you change your thinking to make it easier for you to manage your symptoms. This type of therapy is sometimes given in a group setting, but can also be done with an individual therapist.

It’s important to get professional help for your ADHD as soon as possible. This will give you and your family the best chance of preventing serious health issues and getting your life back on track.

Whether or not you need to take medication, talk to your doctor about how it will work for you and your child. They’ll tell you how long the medication lasts, how often to take it and any other side effects.

Most children with ADHD receive a combination of medication, behavioral treatment, and school support. Some also receive peer interventions or other psychosocial treatments, such as social skills training.

Parents can teach their children how to pay attention and be more organized, and they can use positive reinforcement or rewards when their kids complete schoolwork or behave properly. These strategies can help children with ADHD learn to pay attention and stay focused on their tasks.

They can also encourage their children to try new things that may be difficult for them, such as doing yoga or meditation. These exercises help children relax, which can help them control their symptoms.

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