What is ADHD and How Can it Be Managed?

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what is adhd

ADHD is a mental health condition that causes impulsive behavior, inattention and hyperactivity. The symptoms can be difficult to manage at times, but with treatment, most people with ADHD can live healthy, productive lives.

Symptoms of adhd can start in childhood, but they may persist into adulthood. If you are an adult and your symptoms are disrupting your life, ask your doctor for help.

Your doctor will perform a thorough evaluation of your symptoms and any problems they cause. He or she may refer you to a specialist, such as a psychologist, psychiatrist or neurologist.

If you have been diagnosed with ADHD, your doctor can prescribe medications and recommend a variety of therapy options to help you manage your symptoms. These include cognitive behavioral therapy, family counseling and group classes for adults with ADHD that can help you improve your communication skills and learn how to deal with problems.

The right medication, at the right dose and for the right amount of time, can help reduce your ADHD symptoms and help you focus. Many people respond well to prescription medicines, but it can take several weeks or months for your care team to find the best medicine and dose for you.

When a person takes a new ADHD medicine, they might experience side effects, such as loss of appetite or trouble sleeping. These effects are common, but they usually go away after a few days or weeks as the medicine takes effect.

In some cases, doctors will recommend a higher dose of the medicine, or they may change medicines if the first one does not work. These higher doses can cause a lot of side effects, such as jitteriness and irritability.

If you take a medication for your ADHD, it can help you feel more calm and focused, which is especially important when you are working or studying. It can also help you stay organized and on track so that you don’t miss a deadline or forget an important appointment.

It can also help you better handle stress and reduce the anxiety that often comes with this condition. The right medication can also improve your sleep and mood.

A good doctor will monitor your symptoms regularly and adjust the dose of your medications based on how they affect you. Your doctor will also want to see you for several visits over time as you try different medicines and doses.

Your doctor might also suggest behavioral therapy, a type of counseling that teaches you specific skills to control your behaviors and change negative thinking patterns. These therapy sessions can also help you cope with the emotional and social challenges that come with living with ADHD.

You may need to attend therapy sessions more frequently than most people with ADHD. This is because you may be more prone to mood swings and frequent lapses in judgment when your symptoms are not well managed.

The more you learn about your symptoms and how they can negatively impact your life, the easier it will be to manage them. Counseling can teach you strategies that help you deal with your ADHD symptoms, improve your relationships and increase your self-esteem.

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