What is ADHD?

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what is adhd

What is adhd?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a brain-based condition that affects about two out of every five children in the United States. It is a treatable and manageable condition that can help people lead normal lives.

What are the symptoms of ADHD?

People who have ADHD usually have trouble paying attention to details, staying organized, and controlling their behavior. They may also have problems with impulsivity, or acting on impulses without thinking about them first.

The symptoms of ADHD can be different in children, adolescents and adults. They can be hard to define and can even be difficult for doctors and other professionals to recognize.

What is the treatment for ADHD?

There are many types of medications that can be used to control the symptoms of ADHD. Often these are combined with behavioral therapy or counseling.

What causes attention deficit disorder?

Research shows that it is caused by a combination of genetics and a person’s environment. Genes can make certain chemicals in the brain that control attention work differently than they normally do. Other factors, such as stress or a change in family life, can cause some of the symptoms of ADHD.

Those symptoms of ADHD can be severe and impact a child or teen’s ability to get a good education, socialize with other children and adults, and keep up in school. Symptoms can also interfere with work and relationships.

What is the risk for ADHD?

Some risk factors for developing ADHD include: maternal stress, smoking during pregnancy, and low birth weight. The risk of developing ADHD increases with age.

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What can I do to treat my child with ADHD?

Parents and teachers can do a lot to help children with ADHD. They should set clear expectations about their child’s behavior and encourage them to work hard. They should also be consistent with their discipline methods, especially when it comes to impulsive behaviors.

They should encourage their children to participate in activities that develop their skills and talents, such as sports or music. They should also be honest with their children about what it is like to live with ADHD, and help them find ways to cope with their feelings and emotions.

What is the best treatment for ADHD?

A good combination of medicine and counseling can help most people with ADHD. The medication can help control the symptoms of ADHD, while the counseling can help improve a person’s social and academic skills.

The medication and counseling can help a person focus on their goals, learn better time management skills and increase their self-esteem. In addition, it can help them develop healthy coping skills and reduce anxiety.

How does a doctor diagnose ADHD?

For a doctor to diagnose ADHD, the symptoms must meet three criteria. They must be present before the child turns 12 years old, they must not be better explained by another medical condition and they must occur in multiple settings.

Your doctor or specialist will review your child’s school records and questionnaires, ask about your child’s social interactions with other children, talk with you about your child’s day-to-day life, and take other information into account when making a diagnosis. They may also check for other conditions that have similar symptoms, such as depression or anxiety.

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